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Little Hill - Borneo Highlands by ink-brains2 Little Hill - Borneo Highlands by ink-brains2
Doesn't this remind you of a Windows desktop background?

A little hill on the Borneo Highlands golf course... simple and I just like the colours :)

Camera: Canon EOS 300
Film: Fuji Superia 200
Settings: We're makin it happen, from nothin to somethin
Photoshop: Scan, slight dust, saturation brightness contrast to print quality, border
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Tiger-WaterLily Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007
I like it alot! Gosh, it makes me want to climb it to the top to see whats on the other side!
poxsai Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
is it really borneo?
i live in borneo for 19 years
and i havent seen the hill that as clean as your photoshot
Moonknight Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2005   General Artist
very lovely, likea picnic spot :)
CyberChilled Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
I does resemble the "Bliss" wallpaper found in Windows XP:nod:. Well Done:!:
grafixx Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2004
O: so pure and simple, is really beautiful. :)
Faji-Rojikku Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004  Professional General Artist
Aaaaa....what a nice place for a picnic. Great shot.
oO--Danz--Oo Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2003   Photographer
the Windows desktop background is ugly

your picture is just beautiful - the composition is great - the colors are great.
One of those pictures which shows that simplicity can be just pretty
arwenita Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
aww so beautiful to go :D :D i wanna be there :D :D
firedudewraith Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
haha.. yeah, it certainly looks like that original wallpaper..

yet another great shots...
switch01 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2003
hehe, before i read the description, the windows feel immediately came to mind :P a wonderful shot however
bravenewworld Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003
yes but better :)
i always thought the windows desktop background was an average photo...if you look closely you notice the the hill on it doesnt take up the whole screen...there is this unused dead space on the right that really bothers me :)

this photo though is pretty much flawless.
i love the crop and the frame. for some reaosn the grass looks a little sharp. i think a small amount of guasian blur would be nice...its such a peacful scene that it could benifit from some softness :)
i always love your colors, but i think the blue and green could be a little deeper. more contrast between the two. im such a sucker for contrast though that i think i have a skewed sense of reality. :)

all in all a great photo, and it blows the windows desktop one out of the water! :)
protox Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003   Photographer
Simple & Nice :D
Like the color of the border too
webstarrrr Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2003
Very beautiful and fantastic photo! The lighting is rare and really great! :clap:
fotodevil Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2003
It looks like the hill is floating in the clouds. Very cool.
olino Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
So beautiful, :aww:
disguy2k Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2003   Photographer
Grrrr you wrote the same thing I was in your descrip!!!! :lmao: damn you!! :D hehe... well it certainly is pretty :D hehe... Just needs like a cow or a sheep or something :P lol
rike Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2003
great lovely shot, the point of view is really nice, good contrast :+fav:
Kizoku Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
The colors are brillant... your composition.. perfect..... and.. this picturme remeber me the hill who appear in the dreams of Riot, the main character of Vagrant Story... Like a dream!!! ;)
brandonsi Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
Great shot, I've seen some very similar photographs and I think this is up there with the best of them.
82deg Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
not only also looks like the cover for one of the books i borrowed sometime back...thing is i can't remember the title *damn* but it was a nice read :D

and i love all the negative space going on in this piece (and in the most yummilicious shade of blue, even) :heart:

And the silhouette of the tree finishes very nicely *nods*
jaguar404 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
wow! one time dreamed with this image.
kls Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003   Photographer
whoa love this, its exactly my kind of shot...
love the blueish sky and all of a sudden a lil hill and a tree there.
Simplicity i like. Instant fav! :)
blueish Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003   Photographer
:+fav: :) :) :)
arwenita Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
:D :D :D wonderful dear :D indeed looks like XP wallpaper :O
yuckfou Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
wonderful shot, expresses the peace of earth imo... hehe :-)
nellis-eketorp Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
yeah - indeed - it reminds me a WinXp wallpaper :nod: and this is really great piece! :clap:
lylianthe Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003   Photographer
lol it does remind me of the windows b/g except this is better :)
I love the simplicity of this shot, but the great colour as well, and the tree just tops it off...
hehe :)
you have a good eye for this kinda stuff, a golf course, perfect place to get green-ness :P
fallencat Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
love the ray of light shine on the tree ! beautiful work here.. +fav
w3stw00d Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
i love how the photo blends with the white border. it really adds to the photo, and also how youve left so much of the sky in the shot. it works really well. good photo :D
tilt176 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
haha, yeah, windows is EVERYWHERE ;)
awesome shot.
shiny green, sweet blue, what more do u need :D
tigaer Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
fantastic colors and atmosphere :) nice shot
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